An evaluation of the characters in amy tans the joy luck club

It is regarded as a significant achievement in documenting the hardships and struggles of immigrants in America and in portraying the complexities of modern Chinese-American life. A swimming snake could relate to water, a jumping scorpion to fire, a flying centipede to wind, a dropping-down spider to wood, and a springing lizard to metal.

I could see what was inside me. When Lindo is sixteen, they get married, but Tyan-yu remains very much a boy. Because I was also able to have this other kind of love that I experience through writing. Some might say she is accident-prone, or even jinxed, but Tan thinks it must be luck: In the first story, Waverly Jong talks about how she started playing chess, first with her brothers and then with old men in the playground near her school.

Jing-Mei, however, just wanted to be herself. The final story of the first section follows Ying-Ying St. After a disastrous attempt at a dinner party to tell her mother of their wedding, Waverly confronts her mother the morning afterwards and realizes that her mother has known all along about her relationship with Rich and has accepted him.

Her daughter Jing-mei was born in Clair, who tells the story of how she fell into a lake during the Zhongqiujie festival when she was only four.

Waverly Jong Unlike Jing-Mei who finds maturity and peace within the novel, Waverly constantly struggles. After ten years, she moves to Shanghai and works in a clothing store, where she meets an American man named Clifford St. She entirely dominates the household in Tientsin, providing an example of extreme female power in a patriarchal society.

She later took back her sense of control when she finally had a talk to Lena and convinced her to leave Harold. They have a daughter, Lena, and a son who dies at birth.

Tan has spent her life navigating through the conflicting belief systems she inherited from her parents: When her mother came to her family for their assistance, they cruelly refused and disowned her. How can I leave the world without leaving her my spirit? The novel opens with the death of Suyuan Woo, the matriarch of the Joy Luck Club, a social group of women who play the Chinese tile game mah-jongg and rely on each other for support.

After her husband leaves her, Ying-Ying is forced to move in with some of her poorer relatives. Not understanding how much Suyuan suffered over the incident, Jing-Mei treats the situation lightly.

How are relationships shaped and re-negotiated by the lessons that are taught? The daughters, as they grow to be adults, become more appreciative of their mothers.

An-mei had faith that God and her nengkan, or her belief in her power to control her fate, would help her find Bing, but the boy never turned up. At the age of nine, she becomes a national chess champion.

Waverly is a tax attorney in San Francisco. To escape war and poverty, the four mothers emigrate from China to America. An-Mei tells her that Ted has been cheating on her, which Rose thinks is absurd, but she later discovers this to be true.

She promises to her family that she will not disgrace them.

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A companion to Asian American studies. But I will win and give her my spirit because this is why a mother loves a daughter. I won't be what I'm not. Amy Tan uses the metaphor of two piano pieces to compare the mother to this daughter: Archived from the original on 3 March She went to live in his household in the city of Tientsin.

How could I tell him my mother was crazy? Freed from her first marriage, Lindo decided to emigrate to America. She is embarrassed when her mother, Lindo, introduces her to everyone she meets, showing her off like a trophy and seeming to take the credit for her daughter's brilliance.May 09,  · The Joy Luck Club: CHARACTER ANALYSIS / DETAILED CHARACTER ANALYSIS by Amy Tan Cliff Notes™, Cliffs Notes™, Cliffnotes™, Cliffsnotes™ are trademarked properties of the John Wiley Publishing Company.

In San Francisco, Suyuan revived the Joy Luck Club with Lindo, An-mei, and Ying-ying. See “Analysis of Major Characters.” Read an in-depth analysis of Suyuan Woo.

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Essays and criticism on Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club - The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan Critical Evaluation neighborhood furnishes the main contingent of characters. Marsden, BYU, Questioning Strategy for The Joy Luck Club Purpose: Students will answer questions that involve both lower and higher levels of thinking that revolve around a chapter that is complex both in terms of plot, theme, and.

The Joy Luck Club: A Novel [Amy Tan] I confess to being a little confused on the characters from segment to segment and I think the author could have differentiated the mothers better. That having been said, it was a delightful read.

My Interpretation of The Joy Luck Club

Read more. 10 people found this helpful/5(). Amy Tan (b. ) Amy Tan was born February 19,in Oakland, California. Her parents shared some of the dark history fictionalized in The Joy Luck Club. Her mother, Daisy, was born to a wealthy family and left Shanghai and a disastrous marriage right before the Communist takeover in She was forced to leave behind her three daughters.

An evaluation of the characters in amy tans the joy luck club
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