Consumer perception towards products and services

Need for Consumer Perception theory? Companies should take steps towards making their consumers remain fully apprised about the different offerings of the company and how the offerings are likely to improve the life of the consumers. Especially sophisticated or skeptical consumers are even prone to distrust a product that is considerably cheaper than the alternatives.

When working on product development, it can be helpful to remember that an industrial product is often more than just a tangible good, but also a set of technical, economic, legal, and personal relations between the consumer and the seller.

For example, advertisements often trumpet the quality and convenience of a product or service, hoping to foster a consumer perception of high value, which can pay off with increased sales. The researcher has conducted a comparative study of perception and consumers buying behavior regarding personal care products.

Basic quality features product may be extended by the variety of the so called so "ad dozes added features. For example, when manufacturing automotive parts, a high-performing product will provide the customer base with basic benefits, while adding spare parts, technical assistance, and skill training will offer enhanced properties to create a total package with increased appeal to consumers.

For example, repeated exposure to one kind of stimuli can either make us oversensitive or desensitized to it. Conversely, new laws can also lend an advantage to certain business and deregulation can sometimes benefit production standards.

Consumer Perception Theory

Several factors can influence our perception, causing it to change in certain ways. The sampling unit is individual customers while the statistical tools used are bar charts and pie charts. Fluctuations in the cost of materials, new application requirements, and changing brand awareness are just a few of things that can cause consumer needs to change.

According to the journal of marketing Research, Self-perception theory provides a theoretical frame work within which behavioural influence strategies can be investigated. These changes are usually made periodically, allowing existing products that reach maturity or decline to be phased out or modified, thus retaining their appeal.

Retrieved October 2,from http: The modern father of Marketing Kotler and Keller, has given a standard understanding of attitudes, which are formed through experience and learning and that attitudes influence buying behavior of any product.

Factors Affecting Consumer Perception

Method The research was conducted by administering the structured questionnaire for collecting primary data and secondary data has been taken from internet, newspaper, magazines and companies web sites.

Others use variable such as place of origin, type of distribution channel, price, packaging the manufacturer and among others. The choice of this product to satisfy particular needs depends on the perception of the consumer about the product quality capable of the satisfying that needs.

Usually, consumer perception theory is used by marketers when designing a campaign for a product or brand. Psychologists have succeeded in identifying a number of factors that are important in determining the direction of attention.

As per this modern world, the Consumers have lot of interest regarding the cosmetic products and also they having awareness about cosmetic product attributes with respect to health care also.

What may be seemed to be of high quality to one consumer may be inferior to another.

The Importance of Brand Perception

The better experience a consumer has with the company at different stages of interaction such as efficiency and reliability and speed of the process, higher are the chances that he or she is likely to come back again.

Some of the Lotions, powders, gels, deodorants and perfumes and color makeup are among the widely used cosmetic products which add both color and fragrance to the human body. This awareness increases their expectations from companies. Markin Continues that, a number of stimuli constantly reaching consumers sensory organs from the environment they select certain stimuli to which they attend, they organized these stimuli so that they become understandable, but their interpretation of sensory stimuli involves more than just receiving and processing information by attitudes and beliefs and their past learning as is by the character of the stimuli themselves.

With careful planning and execution, a business can influence those perceptions and foster profitable consumer behaviors.

Customer Perception and Product Strategy

According to Perrault et al Many business Managers get wrapped up in the technical details involved in producing a product, but most customers or consumers think about product in terms of the quality and the total satisfaction it provides. L, or marketing department. For evaluating the success of an existing product, factors such as sales, customer response, profits, competition, and market acceptance are usually involved.

Factors Affecting Consumer Perception

As a result, businesses do all they can to publicize their offerings. The companies have to make sure that they are able to convince the consumers about how their products if purchased by the consumers can give more benefit than that of the competitors.Consumer perception theory is any attempt to understand how a consumer’s perception of a product or service influences their behavior.

Those who study consumer perception try to understand why consumers make the decisions they do, and how to. From very concrete factors of price and quality to less tangible factors such a consumer's view of the manufacturer's reputation, experience with service and the quality of packaging and branding, a number of complex and interrelated psychological factors determine a consumer's perception of goods and services.

Abstract. This research sought to delve into the consumer perception of quality of a product. This study is generally embarked to determine the age income and educational level of consumers, if it has or no effect on their perception on product quality specifically and their decision to buy the product.

Social listening platforms, like Brandwatch, allow you to measure the sentiment of the talk around your brand, products and campaigns. Analyzing conversations with negative sentiment will help you identify the various customer issues that could be harming your brand perception.


Customer Perception and Product Strategy

It can also be related to customer satisfaction which is the expectation of consumers towards the product ayurveda has. Keywords: Green Marketing, Green Products, Green Consumer, detrimental, Consumer Behaviour At present, the world is facing an environmental crisis, which influences our behavior to protect.

Consumer perception towards products and services
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