Learning a new language is difficult essay

By the end of the stay, I had attained a high level of conversational ability, both about everyday life and spanning the intellectual humanities. Of all the languages I have learnt, only English was the one I kept studying and improving.

However, my brief encounter with Latin at Berkeley had left me with the impression that older languages were more complex, and hence more interesting, and thus I felt an active desire to study them formally.

I had discovered that the main branch of the Chicago Public Library had a very large selection of audio materials in a very wide variety of languages, so this presented me with a wonderful opportunity to both gain an idea of what many new languages sounded like and to gain needed listening practice in French, German, and Spanish.

It sounded like a dream job, and in many ways it was. I clearly and simply could not. There was one, a standard such installation with individual listening booths that provide only a modicum of sound proofing but a great deal of visual isolation. I have subsequently found more efficacious ways of getting at these tongues, but at the time I knew no better, and I not only got a firm foundation in them by doing this, but I enjoyed the process enormously, particularly as I naturally improved with practice and was soon reading longer and longer passages with greater and greater ease.

In the first case, in this period I not only strove to keep up all the languages I had already studied, but I tried to get an overview of all the Germanic and Romance dialects that I had not yet examined, and I also began to explore the Celtic and Slavic families as well as Modern Greek.

I really struggled for a while, and although I eventually caught up, French was my weakest subject throughout high-school and when I got to college, after seven years of instruction in the language, I was only able to place into the second year sequence of a seriously structured course of study.

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To simplify the situation, we shove all the various theories into one or the other of two categories. As I unpacked and reorganized my library, I could not resist sampling everything once again, just as I had done when I first acquired my specimens.

I wanted to drop it altogether, but my father refused to let me do so. As it was, I answered that I wished to be a polyglot philologist and to learn as many languages as I could, as well as I could, and that I was enjoying Persian because it was fascinating and different. It is typical for association theorists to emphasize the importance of learning as an explanation of behavior, and to talk of the stimulus-response connections that a person acquires during the course of his life.

How was I able to sustain the momentum to study with such intensity? How could I possibly find an hour a day for each of them and at the same time continue to parcel out 15 minute slots to Japanese, Chinese, Swahili, Turkish, Czech, Welsh, etc.

Teaching foreign languages, at least for the first few years, was a continuous language learning experience in itself, and the essence of my research activities also involved the in-depth study of Korean, so I could count most of my working time as study time as well. Probably because I really long to be back in my beloved Lebanon, I concentrated on Arabic first and foremost, but over the past year and a half I have also had many months where my main focus was on Persian, Latin, Russian, and Swedish in turn, and in addition throughout this time I have been reading both French and German literature in a more sustained fashion than I have since I majored in them in college fully half my lifetime back.

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I asked my acquaintances to correct every mistake I made, and I did as much self correction as I could when talking to strangers.

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From reading the works of the seminal figures in 19th century comparative philology, I knew that many of them had also simultaneously been founding fathers of comparative mythology, for in their day knowledge was less fragmented into disparate disciplines.

First of all, learning vocabulary is one of the most important issue. It analyzes behavior into elements, studies the elements independently, and discovers laws governing the combinations of elements. The entire time I was there, I avoided thinking in English altogether and speaking it as much as possible, such that, even several years after I had moved on, I continued to think automatically in German.

Back in Chicago itself, I was somehow always able to continue studying Spanish, again regardless of what I was doing towards my doctorate, which gave me the first taste of the kind of balanced discipline I would need to develop in greater measure in the future. I have been a Teutophile for as long as I can remember, and during my adolescence Hermann Broch, Hermann Hesse, Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann, and Robert Musil were among my favorite authors while Friedrich Nietzsche and Arthur Schopenhauer were my favorite philosophers, so at about the age of 15 I conceived a burning desire to learn German.

Because this two language class in the same language family and have similar vocabulary and grammar rules.

I was also simultaneously able to satisfy my longstanding desire to begin the study of German, in which I soon began to flourish. I wanted to see if I could learn an extremely difficult language while living in a totally different culture.

At this same time, my life began to change in other ways when I met the woman who became my wife, and, at the end ofI became a father. Under those circumstances, my French at long last really took root and everything that had been nebulous and opaque for years suddenly gelled and became coherent and clear.

Although I had no time to use them then, I began acquiring grammars, manuals, and tapes in a systematic fashion so as to build a language learning resource center for my future studies. Make a mistake essay questions About communication essay japanese Business topics for essay writing services.

TOEFL Essay-It can be quite difficult to learn a new language.

I know for a fact that few of my classmates ever went there because one day I noticed an announcement in the office for an opening for a student lab attendant and, having obtained the position, I ended up spending several hours a day there and so observed that it was a generally unpopular, sparsely attended facility.

I was still reeling when he then asked why I was taking Old French. Now, while there is nothing unsatisfying about working through a language manual at a pace of 15 minutes a day, each and every single day, when it comes to more advanced "studying," i.

While at Columbia, the only obstacle I ever met to officially expanding my circle of languages had been the finite number of credit hours remaining to me after fulfilling my major requirements.

New York, Chicago, and Berlin had all been too full of distractions and other responsibilities and requirements to allow me to focus entirely upon serious language study. I think the most difficult aspects are living in a country where you are not able to use the language that you learn and to be unfamiliar with the grammar structure of this language.Apr 28,  · For instance, Learning new grammatical points and sentence structures, memorizing new vocabularies and idiom are the facts that I will try to demonstrate as followsW From my point of view, grammar and sentence structure are the most difficult aspects of learning a new language.

I believe, learning a new language might be difficult cause language and cultures are related together, therefor, being familiar with the lots of things such as culture is necessary to learn a new language completely.

First of all, learning vocabulary is one of the most important issue. May 23,  · Learning a new language is generally enjoyable but at the same time it requires a lot of effort and studying hard.

There are several difficult aspects of learning a new language. I think the most difficult aspects are living in a country where you are not able to use the language that you learn and to be unfamiliar with the grammar structure of.

Essay How to Learn a New Language

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Most difficult aspects of learning new language

Learning languages is hard because it requires brand new cognitive frameworks. Simply translating the new structures through the filter of a native language isn’t learning.

It’s memorizing. Learning this new language helps because it creates new neural pathways, the more neural pathways that are created, the more “backup” the brain has once the disease starts to have an effect.

Learning a new language is difficult essay
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