Mcgill political science honours thesis

Honours Italian Studies (54 credits)

Famme services a variety of clients including owner-managed small businesses, professionals, construction and manufacturing companies, and farm and related businesses to name a few. Her portfolio can be found at isabeauiqbal. Before turning to blockchain programming, Ryan specialized in the mathematics of algebraic geometry and representation theory.

At ConsenSys she creates experiences for enterprises that look to gain efficiency and transparency via the blockchain, and designs products that are uniquely enabled by blockchain technology to disrupt existing markets or create new ones.

Her research engages people who use drugs and identifies interventions to reduce harms related to substance use. This session will explore estate taxes relating to individuals, couples and transferring of farm property to the next generation. He would later join Deloitte to co-found their blockchain practice, Rubix by Deloitte.

She completed post-fellowship training with the Lymphoma Tumour Group at the B. By products are sold to either the livestock industry or used in other foods, a truly sustainable model. It also explores how science fictions poses questions about media and technologies, and how media and technologies affect franchising and transnational consumption of SFF.

To keep current, this is a session you will not want to miss! This thesis option is open to master's students specializing in development studies.

Bill is a founding member of Blockchain Technology Group, the creator of Alexandria. He graduated from the medical school at the University of Toronto in and completed his post-graduate residency in Family Medicine at the University of British Columbia in Analysis of significant factors affecting mineral supply, including oil and gas.

Prior to Deloitte, Kishore led architecture teams at Fidelity Information Services FIS to build and implement their TouchPoint suite of channel solutions that are currently in use at several leading financial institutions. His persona exists as much in physical as in electronic mediums as Firescar Their two children, Alex and Daisy attended local schools and have now completed University.

She has worked in emergency, sports medicine, family practice, medical and radiation oncology GPOpain management, and palliative care. Her most recent employment is as a medical advisor for WorkSafeBC.

Will platform capitalism be the economic base on which digital cultures operate and degenerate? His current research at McGill University has the following objectives: They produce corn, soybeans, wheat and edible beans along the St.

Fellowship in Family Medicine. Critical historiographies, for instance, can investigate the world-making capacities of digital cultures, situating the massive diversity of practices within specific technical systems, geocultural dynamics and geopolitical forces.

Students in the M. She also works in private practice. Previously, Andrew worked for UBS investment bank in equities analysis. His interests in physician health include sleep and fatigue management, coping with burnout and fostering resilience, effective communication, dealing with adverse events and their disclosure, career transitions and retirement, and the practice of mindfulness.

Fromhe also studied political science.

Honours International Development Studies (57 credits)

Thanks to his double citizenship, he was able to work both in the USA and Europe in innovative fields such as Software Marketing and Renewable Energies before he became absorbed with Blockchain Technologies in FallWinter Instructors: After he finished university, he discovered that web 3.

We are seeking top talent in blockchain. Blockchain Evangelist Andres has worked almost 20 years in the software industry. His mind properly blown from the possibilities of digital property on decentralized platforms, he has been immersed in the world of software ever since.

Safeweb, a website with millions of users per day, one of the largest deployments of SSL of the day. Transnat Cinema Asia 3 Credits Offered in the: He is currently working on WeiFund, a decentralized crowdfunding platform; BoardRoom, a decentralized governance apparatus; Akasha, a decentralized publishing platform; Feedlot, a decentralized on-chain pricefeed market place; and Cosmo, a in-browser solidity development environment.

While continuing to provide ongoing assistance to her daughter, who is recovering from a severe schizoaffective disorder, Susan is a very active public speaker about the situations of families coping with psychotic disorders. At the same time the contemporaneity of digital cultures invites experimental methods that draw on digital media technologies as tools, and, more importantly, that engage the intersection between media technologies, cultural practices and institutional settings.

Registration The submissions process is now complete. Two years into the music project, Joseph co-founded the Ethereum Project, and has been working on Ethereum and more recently ConsenSys since January She has been active on the farm all her life, and this lifestyle is very important to Kate.Political Science: The political structures and social forces underlying poverty and inequality in the developing world; the historical roots of inequality in different regions, varying manifestations of inequality (class, region, ethnicity, gender), and selected contemporary problems.

McGill Graduate Association of Political Science Students (MGAPSS) MGAPPS promotes the academic welfare and enhances the cultural, environmental, and social conditions of. Preparation equivalent to a McGill Honours degree in Political Science is desirable.

Ph.D. Students holding a master’s degree in political science may be eligible for admission to the Ph.D.

Political Science

program. List of the new elected members to the European Academy of Sciences. DIGITAL CULTURES: Knowledge / Culture / Technology. Leuphana University Lüneburg, September 19–22, Program options Minor Major Honours Joint Honours Minor concentrations [program medium BA X EAC8 MINOR] [program medium BA X SEA8 MINOR] [program medium BA X EAL8 MINOR] Major concentration [program medium BA X EAS8 MAJOR] Honours [program medium BA-H X EAS1 MAJOR] Joint Honours [program medium BA-H X .

Mcgill political science honours thesis
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