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SALGA has eight directorates that operate effectively in their vast functions. The vegetation communities generally reflect disturbed conditions with limited ecological features and functions.

To achieve this, a combination of residential unit types will be built that will be accessed via rear laneways thus enabling the positioning of the garages behind the homes.


Municipal Infrastructure Services MIS MIS plays an integral role to finding solutions to services delivery challenges common with municipal infrastructure services these include: Stage 4, located adjacent to the future transitway and Boulder Way, is designed to provide a "Village Centre" for this subdivision.

Approve an amendment to the former City of Nepean Zoning By-law to change the zoning ofand Longfields Drive as shown in Document 4 and 5 and as further detailed in Document 6; and 3. To carry out day-to-day maintenance of network and hardware.

This directorate plays a key role in areas such as providing hands-on support to municipalities on effective governance, councillor support, guidelines on roles and responsibilities, lobbying and advocating on behalf of our members in IGR fora, the NCOP and provincial legislatures.

Another important feature of this neighbourhood will be the integration of the recreational pathway running along the transitway corridor with the new community. It is recommended that the relevant zoning provisions in this new Zoning By-law be amended as shown in Document 7 and 8 and detailed in Document 9.

Included in the rear lane development product is the provision to allow an accessory residential unit on top of garages. MIS is able to identify funding and training opportunities to support Municipal Infrastructure service delivery.

Finally, in response to concerns regarding loss of open space, overall on the proposed subdivision, there will be an over-dedication of lands for park purposes.

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As well, they requested that any wooded areas to be retained be zoned EP- Environmental Protection. In representing our members in collective bargaining MID promotes an approach which is mutually beneficial in wage negotiations and also facilitating the implementation of Labour and HR policies enhancing service delivery as well ensuring municipal compliance with legislation.

Special zoning provisions that cover the development of three housing types including single detached, semis and townhouses on rear lanes are also being recommended. Finance, ICT and general administration are housed within this directorate. After looking at the presentation boards and getting more information, most people were very positive about the enhanced concept plan and many liked the modified grid layout, well-spaced parks, integration with rapid transit, mix of housing types, and the "European flavour" of the proposed development in the vicinity of the transit station.

The Ward Councillor is aware of this application and the staff recommendation. The Department is satisfied that the proposed amendment is consistent with the policies of the Official Plan for General Urban Areas and is consistent with the policies of the Longfields Secondary Plan.

The area surrounding the subject property has largely been developed as a low to medium density residential community over the last 20 years.

In the s, the property was part of a larger This directorate participates in policy development processes that impact on municipal finances and the broader fiscal framework.

Regular checking of devices for deploying the most recent version of IOS or OS that are compatible with the appliances. Therefore an amendment is required to recognize this additional height limit on the Stage 4 lands.

Capacity building entails assisting municipalities through strengthening policy analysis, research and monitoring of capacity and assisting municipalities in developing guidelines responding to their needs. Recommendation 2 - Former City of Nepean Zoning By-law In order to meet the intent of the various new urbanism features previously discussed and the proposed plan, several amendments to the former City of Nepean Zoning By-law are proposed.

This provides for lots where garages will be largely unseen from the street; specifically the intent here is to create a streetscape dominated by strong housing elevations and to try and minimize the view of the garage doors from the street.

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Alongside mobilizing appropriate support from partners, MIS facilitates knowledge sharing from lessons learned through innovations within municipalities. Policital Structure Administrative SALGA has structured itself in such a manner that it is able to advise and support municipalities in the drive to deliver on services to communities.

This directorate is responsible for Institutional Performance Management and Reporting with reference to the organizational strategy and business plans. The traffic study also concluded that the area is well served by existing sidewalks, bicycle systems and transit service.

An application for a Plan of Subdivision has also been submitted and reviewed concurrently with the Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment applications. It will encompass a series of public streets providing strong connections from Longfields Drive and the proposed transitway station as well as the mixed use node proposed along and abutting the main street bisecting the public courtyard.

The Zoning By-law amendment proposes a range of residential zones from a single detached dwelling zone R3A up to an apartment zone R6B. The commercial component up to square metres of this neighbourhood is intended to be integrated with some of the multiple residential buildings.SPR facilitates SALGA’s strategy and business planning processes.

It develops; reviews and updates the strategy and business plan in a manner that is indicative of key stakeholders’ needs and changes in the local government and national policy context. Of a thoroughly prepared business plan consists of professional document drafts in starting a leading provider of being a business!

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The Owner has submitted applications for amendments to the Longfields, Davidson Heights Communities, South Merivale Business Park Secondary Plan and the Comprehensive Zoning By-lawwhich are the subject of this report. Business-in-a-Box - Download Business Plan Templates & Forms NowProfessionally Formatted · Save Your Precious Time · Save Money in Legal Fees.

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Pec h3g business plan
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