Texas chainsaw massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre belongs in a select company with Night of the Living Dead and Last House on the Left of films that are really a lot better than the genre requires.

The master stayed out at Hill on the Moon. Sexuality in the Horror Film, David Hogan called it "the most affecting gore thriller of all and, in a broader view, among the most effective horror films ever made The first sequel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2was considerably more graphic and violent than the original and was banned in Australia for 20 years before it was released on DVD in a revised special edition in October Then the original Leatherface quit.

At one point he and Burns stopped speaking to each other between takes, and Hansen later recalled that Franklin was the only character he was actually happy to kill.

New Line Cinema Though the real crimes of Ed Gein did influence Hooper and Henkel in their writing, the idea that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is itself based on a true story is something that grew out of the marketing of the film. Songs featured in the film: It is also the hopes of Roger and I that the artists that we have not been able to track down may come across my web site and contact me.

Then, to capture the mental instability of the character, he went to an Austin mental hospital and studied the movements of the patients there, which he then incorporated into his performance. Born in in Plainfield, Wisconsin, Ed Gein lived most of his life as a reclusive loner.

No one had the slightest idea that it would be such a hit and turn into a horror classic. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Sawyera main antagonist Vilmer Sawyera trucker with an animatronic leg Darla SawyerVilmer's girlfriend or his wife, and more sane than the others Leatherfacea crossdresser who kills people with a chainsaw.

John Larroquette Narrator Many of the cast members at the time were relatively unknown actors—Texans who had played roles in commercials, television, and stage shows, as well as performers whom Hooper knew personally, such as Allen Danziger and Jim Siedow.

In New Line Cinema acquired the distribution rights from Bryanston and gave the producers a larger share of the profits. Grandpa appeared as a corpse, but when Sally's finger was cut and Grandpa licked the blood, he was revealed to be alive.

But I knew there wasn't any hope of us making one we could live with. Mama Sawyer was killed by Benny with a rifle, also blowing Tinker's ear off and possibly killing him. In addition to the excessive heat and odor in the dining room during filming, the sequence was given another challenge: When Stretch grabbed a chainsaw, the skeleton crumbled and Chop Top yelled "You killed her you bitch!

A seventh film, Texas Chainsaw 3Dwas released on January 4, Alfredo Sawyera demented brother of Leatherface Tinker Sawyeran incredibly insane brother of Leatherface with a hook for a right hand Leatherfacereferred to as "Junior" by his family An unnamed little girl, who is the daughter of Leatherface.

Ed Gein was also the suspect in several other missing persons. And the first major thing was getting him to write the script. Her body had been gutted like that of a deer, and the head had been removed. Occasionally his grandsons ask him to kill a victim for them, but he proves too old and frail to do so.

Roger Bartlett, who wrote and sang the song "Fool For A Blond", and I, had been in the process for over a year tracking down the original artists to begin the process of making an "official soundtrack" to the movie.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III was the second sequel to appear, though Hooper did not return to direct due to scheduling conflicts with another film, Spontaneous Combustion. Did the real Ed Gein ever wear a human's face as a mask like Leatherface did in the film?

In Juneit was announced that Marcus Nispel would direct the film in his directorial debut. They don't want to be guilty of exploiting Matthew because of their relationship with CAA, which is the strongest single force in Hollywood these days.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

After inspiration struck, Hooper and co-writer Kim Henkel hammered out a script over several weeks and gave it the eerie title Head Cheese named for the scene in which the hitchhiker details the process of how that particular pork product is made. Tobe Hooper dropped by out there and asked Jim if he had anything that might be good for the movie Tobe was working on and Jim played him a few cuts including FFAB.

Keep checking back to this page or my news page for updates on this topic. For them an idyllic summer afternoon drive became a nightmare.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a rare low-budget overnight sensation that produced hysteria and is still a disturbingly entertaining film for audiences then and now.

4/5 Eugene Bernabe Super Reviewer88%. This is the remake of the texas chainsaw massacre it can't beat the original but it's about 4 friends going to a concert but they pick up a woman who killed herself so they went to the store to call the cops but thats all im going to tell you because i don't want to spoil it just get and watch it four yourself it has everthing the special.

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Scream Factory Announces and Details ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation’ Blu-ray!

Directed by Marcus Nispel. With Jessica Biel, Jonathan Tucker, Andrew Bryniarski, Erica Leerhsen. After picking up a traumatized young hitchhiker, five friends find themselves stalked and hunted by a deformed chainsaw-wielding loon and his family of equally psychopathic killers.

The Music of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The music and soundtrack that accompanied the movie was made up of 7 original songs by different Texas artists and an original background effects track by Tobe Hooper and Wayne Bell.

Texas chainsaw massacre
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